HR services

Good practices in human resources management

Human resources management services are mainly for SMEs wishing to increase their competitiveness and position themselves on the job market. By conducting consultation and coaching mandates, either integrated or “à la carte”, MVV offers the SMEs a better management of their human resources and best practices in attracting, developing and engaging their talent. These outsourced services represent a substantial saving of HR management costs.

Organization Training and Skills Upgrade as Concept Illustration from 3D Models


Catalog of services offered


Implementation of HR service


These services are mainly for companies that finally decide to establish a service of HR management or to bring an existing one to a competitive level. We have to conduct a needs assessment and develop a HR service plan and its implementation through a strategic action plan. All this, in compliance with good practices and of labor law.


Full staffing service


MVV handles all your staffing operations. This allows you to avoid hiring HR staff for occasional needs.


Here is what is included in the service:


  • Analysis of business needs
  • Job and tasks description
  • Job postings
  • Selection of candidates
  • Telephone interviews
  • Interviews with managers and candidate
  • Reference checks
  • Writing of the job offer
  • Employee integration plan
  • Follow-­up after 3 months of hiring


Development of procedures and policies


MVV can set up all the procedures and documents required for HR management. These tools will be used for several years. The consultative and reference documents, such as: Employees manuals, guides of internal policies and of best practices, and HR management, etc. The various policies, for example: holidays, management of working time, courtesy towards customers, the use of company assets, work ethic, etc.


Evaluation of work atmosphere


The work atmosphere is undoubtedly one of the most important factors for retention. Its management is divided in two stages: We must first make an objective analysis and then establish the policies and corrective actions of the weaknesses identified.


Evaluation of performance


Because it is essential to improving productivity, work atmosphere and satisfaction to employment, the performance management is the aspect of HR management more directly related to the business objectives of the company. Preparing its tools remains a sensitive exercise. MVV will help you to define the relevant and measurable criteria to be used on the evaluation form as well as formulating appropriate rewarding or corrective policies.


Development and organizational effectiveness


Ensuring the organizational efficiency is to put in place the systems and measures that will be used to analyze and improve the performance. The analysis of jobs and of work efficiency, as well as plans for training and development of skills, are part of the performance tools that MVV can help you to develop.


HR Marketing


We notice more and more – at the age of the customer experience – that the candidates have a certain sensitivity of the image and the perception they have of a business. HR marketing consists in defining the brand image of the employer to significantly improve the attractiveness of the company. It also allows to distinguish and to position the company to compete as an employer of choice.