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Offering specialized services in recruitment and in human resources management, MVV works in the fields of engineering related to industrial process and manufacturing.

MVV mission is to contribute to the productivity and the competitiveness of businesses by providing the professional expertise they seek, and offering the human resources management services needed, and this, at competitive rates.

MVV aims to provide the candidates the best career development opportunities available on the market.

Our disciplines


For over 15 years, MVV works in the engineering fields related to industrial process and manufacturing.


Over time, the trends and reality of the employment market has made our know­-how and expertise evolve, mainly in the automation and robotics sector, but also in various fields of activity like civil engineering, construction engineering, telecommunications, food engineering, mining engineering and chemical engineering.


Types of positions:


Professional executives



Marketing and sales




Project management

Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering

Automation and robotics

Artificial vision

Industrial computing


Production and maintenance

Sales and marketing



Manufacturing (food, consumer products, pharmaceutical, parts and machinery, equipment manufacturers, automobile, etc.)

Distributors (parts and machinery, equipment manufacturers)

Consulting engineering

Others (civil, construction, chemical, mining, aeronautics, etc.)


President and founder of MVV

Mrs. Lamoureux has nearly 20 years of experience in talent research in engineering, especially in the field of automation and robotics. Combining both the talents of an experienced businesswoman and expert in human resources management, she is the listening ear that all the business leaders wish to meet. They will find in her a keen understanding of the business issues and of the organizational needs being connected with it.


Her expertise in human resources allows her to develop and implement human resources management systems, to manage mobilization and development files as well as marketing and HR. Being particularly dedicated to the latter field, her counselling in talent acquisition and retention strategies is even more a sound advice. She also has a special talent to fill the strategic positions in the company, especially those of engineers and of senior executives.


Over the years, she knew how to evolve constantly according to the trends and the reality of the market of employment and she knew how to acquire a diversified experience in the fields of engineering other than automation, such as civil engineering, mining engineering and chemical engineering.


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